About Me:
Hi, I am Philipp.
Born and raised in Germany, I grew up in a small town near the Dutch border. 
With my father being a big camera aficionado, I got into taking pictures at the age of 12, with it being an off and on - relationship for years to come.  It started becoming a major part of my life in 2016, inspired by photographers such as Chase Jarvis, John Schell, and Ben Brown.
Constantly seeking to improve both my understanding of what a great picture is about and why we like things the way we do, I am working hard to share the beauty in the world around us, the way I see it.
Along with my business studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Kleve, I spend most of my free time exploring the world to share visual impressions I collect.
This website and portfolio is about my personal favorites, with only the very best of all pictures I have ever taken. Other than that, I share plenty of photos over at Instagram, which has given me the possibility to share how I see the world - with the world.
You can check it out here: @rofloma.
As of recently, I have started to work as a photographer at Siemens Duisburg for internal and external communication.